Leading enterprise in Transcarpathia
for the extraction, bottling and distribution of natural mineral water

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Our company offers a wide range of carbonated, low-carbonated, non-carbonated table-drinking and mineral water: Shayanska, Syla Karpat, Jodis Karpathian.
You can buy order water at the link PROM.UA or by clicking on the appropriate button in the site header.

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We deliver our products in a way convenient for you throughout Ukraine (except for the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions and the AR of Crimea).


What makes our water special?

The unique natural conditions of Transcarpathia contributed to the formation of unique mineral waters in the bowels of the earth, which have no analogues in the world. Thanks to modern technologies and perfect organization of processes at our enterprise, today there is an opportunity to receive a product of the highest quality.
Therefore, the products of VAP Shayany have:

water test
Useful composition
Calcium, magnesium, iron, lithium, etc.
happy client
Pleasant taste
Confirmed by thousands of consumers
water bottles size
Convenient packaging
Available bottles from 0.33l to 5l
our history
Our History
In the basin of the turbulent river Tisza with crystal clear water in the village of Vyshkovo, Khust district, Zakarpattia region, there is a limited liability company "Production and Agricultural Enterprise "Shayany"...
our production
Mineral water is a natural resource that is hidden deep underground. For thousands of years, rain and melting snow have seeped underground. Each drop absorbed different mineral compounds...
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