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Mineral water is a natural resource that is located deep underground. For thousands of years, rain and melting snow have seeped underground. Each drop absorbed different mineral compounds. In underground cavities, mineral-enriched water accumulated in large volumes and was stored in the purest state without the influence of negative factors. The terrain and composition of rocks determine the type and amount of mineral salts in the water.

Production of mineral water was started here in 1979, and resumed in 1986. From then until 1996, the company operated at facilities leased from "Agro Promtis". The main container for water is 0.5 liter glass bottles. From 1996 to 1998, bottling took place in 1.5 liter bottles. The modernization of production, which began then, continues to this day. Due to the relentless desire to improve, LLC Shayany uses only modern leading technologies.

In 2011, a new one was added to the existing bottling line. Since then, mineral water is also bottled in PET containers with a volume of 5 liters. The process used newly purchased industrial device "ECOSOFT FC" for water heating, packaging machines UMT-600 and washing machine "AKV". The upgrade of the packaging has led to an expansion of the range - now available carbonated, low-carbonated, non-carbonated mineral water, drinking purified water and water enriched with iodine. In the same year, VAP Shayany LLC entered the international market, concluding contracts for the supply of its products to the European Union, Moldova and Russia.

Since 1998, LLC Shayany has been responsible for the production of high-quality mineral water. This stable enterprise with its own laboratory is an independent legal entity with its own stamps and seals, its own fixed and working capital. 90% of products are sold on the domestic market, and 10% are exported.

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