Mineral water is a natural resource that is located deep underground. For thousands of years, rain and melting snow have seeped underground. Each drop absorbed different mineral compounds. In underground cavities, mineral-enriched water accumulated in large volumes and was stored in the purest state without the influence of negative factors. The terrain and composition of rocks determine the type and amount of mineral salts in the water.
In order for every Ukrainian to be able to consume mineral water rich in medicinal properties, LLC Shayany is doing a great job. Water production begins with extraction. From deep wells with the help of modern powerful pumps, the company receives the so-called "raw materials". This is still an unprepared product that must pass laboratory tests and get to the bottling line in the container.
Thanks to the best technologies and management approaches, the company transports mineral water to production facilities with minimal exposure to external factors (sunlight, pollutants, radiation, etc.). However, first of all the laboratory. When the research results meet the standards, the products are filtered and heated. This removes any impurities and destroys microorganisms. The last stage of production is bottling when it comes to mineral water without gas. Additionally, the product is enriched with carbon, and then the consumer gets mineral water with gas.
At each stage of production of the product of LLC Shayany constant quality and safety control is carried out. Products are sold in glass and PET bottles. Mineral water in glass with a volume of 0.5 liters, PET bottles - 0.5 liters, 1.5 liters and 5 liters. Each bottle is guaranteed to contain the purest water with the best balance of minerals.
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